Instantly increase your restaurant’s revenue by adding UD Wings to your current operation as a “ghost kitchen.” A ghost kitchen will allow you to operate a UD Wings as a virtual restaurant, using your existing kitchen equipment to prepare food for delivery and take-out only. UD Wings offers a low-cost solution to increasing your restaurant’s sales with virtually no impact on your operating costs.


Characteristically, virtual brands are notorious for having little to no social media presence, websites, consumer reviews, quality imagery, or credible backing. Without these crucial factors, operating a virtual brand becomes a shot in the dark that often fails. UD Wings disrupts the virtual norm by not only having each of these factors, but also offering a brand developed by one of America’s most celebrated public figures– providing the ultimate credibility.

The Benefits of Adding a UD Wings to Your Kitchen

  • Keep the same rent
  • Keep the same staff
  • Maximize your restaurant’s revenue
  • Receive ongoing support from a team of experts
  • No disruption to your restaurant’s operations
  • No need for new equipment
  • Operate a brand backed by America’s favorite athlete and beloved public figure

Full Training & Ongoing Support

You will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-follow video training, by video and your team will be ready to start preparing the UD Wings menu within just a few days! The combination of our video training and live support, along with your restaurant’s food prep experience, will ensure long-term success of your business.

What We Provide:

  • Pre-opening kitchen review and equipment analysis
  • Full training
  • Coaching and mentoring for your manager
  • Major discounted pricing for your food inventory
  • Discounted rates for 3rd party delivery platforms
  • Full initiation and setup of all of your 3rd party delivery platforms
  • Monitoring and enhancing your delivery platform accounts for maximum sales
  • Ongoing support
  • Operation manual, policies, procedures & management systems
  • Preferred relationship with reputable vendors of goods and services
  • Menu innovation and roll out training
  • Ongoing updates to increase profitability